Cardiff sub-Branch

Cardiff sub-Branch

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Members who passed in earlier years.


NameRankDate of Passing
Blanch Eileen GRAHAMWomen's Auxiliary13 June 2019
Keith Geoffrey CONNELLPrivate12 August 2019
George Richard WARDPrivate16 August 2019
Gordon Arthur ROSSAble Seaman28 August 2019
Basil George WILLIAMSONCook9 September 2019
Colin Ross COLLINSPrivate20 September 2019
Alwyn John ROSSINGTONPrivate15 October 2019
Frank James McCALLUMLeading Aircraftman23 October 2019
Geoffrey David CRANEDriver1 December 2019
Joyce May LAMBERTAuxiliary7 December 2019
Geoffrey Robert DEANChief Petty Officer S/M17 January 2020
William John MELMETHLeading Aircraftman21 January 2020
Barry Thomas Edward SPAULDINGPetty Officer28 March 2020
Graeme Bruce O'CONNORCorporal5 April 2020
Gaie URQUHARTAuxiliary14 April 2020


NameRankDate of Passing
Cyrus Clyde VESPERSteward13 May 2018
Donal Alexander McINTYREAble Seaman26 May 2018
Arthur Aubrey CHAFFEYPrivate7 June 2018
Eric Raymond SAGERGunner8 August 2018
William Edward JONESLeading Aircraftman16 August 2018
Kerin Charles WILLIAMSFlight Sergeant3 November 2018
John de Morton ERROLWarrant Officer23 November 2018
John Clifford LONSDALELeading Aircraftman1 December 2018
Robert Vincent SMITHBombardier18 December 2018
Donald William ARMITAGELieutenant2 March 2019
Robert James GARRETTLeading Aircraftman18 March 2019
James SOLWAYLeading Aircraftman22 March 2019


NameRankDate of Passing
John William POOLEGunner10 May 2017
Raymond Donald COOTESPrivate29 May 2017
Ronald Charles REDMANCorporal15 July 2017
Hubert Charles WILSONCorporal6 August 2017
Stanislaw GRENADIERSecond Lieutenant13 August 2017
Bruce Edward POWERPrivate18 September 2017
Watson Haig DINGWALLSergeant14 October 2017
Max Louis McCORKELLSeaman25 December 2017
Corinne PETERSJunior Vice President, Women's Auxiliary4 January 2018
Allen RENWICKAble Seaman16 March 2018


NameRankDate of Passing
John Irwin PERRINGPrivate13 May 2016
Clifford Stanley LOVEPrivate24 May 2016
Norman John NEWBYPrivate4 June 2016
John David O'BRIENBombadier8 July 2016
Alan DURBRIDGESergeant13 July 2016
Stanley William LAUGHLANL/Writer24 July 2016
Stanley Ross NEWLINGBombadier30 July 2016
Robert R ANDERSONCorporal25 September 2016
Kevin James SMITHSapper1 October 2016
Norman B LEWISSergeant20 October 2016
Garry John SMITHSergeant25 October 2016
Eric John LITTLELAC14 November 2016
Lance L GILKINSONWO225 November 2016
Stuart Leslie ULRICHBombadier28 February 2017
Brian Henry HOLTLAC7 April 2017
Frank F BAILLIEPMW01 (Acting)19 April 2017


NameRankDate of Passing
Max Christopher WESTPrivate25 April 2015
Roy William Henry WISEMANLAC6 June 2015
Archibald Theodore KILIANCorporal27 December 2015
Michael Brian SHEEHYWOD27 February 2016
James Henry JAMESGunner6 April 2016


NameRankDate of Passing
Thomas David PITHAMWO25 April 2014
Maxwell Joseph BROSSMANCorporal1 May 2014
Charles Hendry MARTINPetty Officer18 June 2014
William Robert BARRETTPrivate13 July 2014
Neil GARSIDELAC29 July 2014
Ivan Thomas HAWKINSPrivate4 August 2014
Charles William WEAVERPrivate21 August 2014
Leslie Allan BROWNGunner1 October 2014
Kelso Carlisle TURNER LAC26 October 2014
David Edward BARTLETTCorporal5 February 2015
Kenneth Bruce WOODBURYCorporal6 April 2015
Leslie Brian KENNEDYSignalman12 April 2015
June D OLLERTON16 April 2015


NameRankDate of Passing
James Duncan SNEDDONLAC6 May 2013
Trevor CURTISPrivate19 May 2013
Norman Harold LAWSONSIG23 August 2013
John Frederick GOLDSMITHStoker/Mech5 September 2013
Mervyn James BECKFlt Sergeant21 November 2013
Norman J BORGERGunner28 November 2013
Frederick Ernest KILIANCorporal23 January 2014


NameRankDate of Passing
Ronald John McCULLUMGunner26 May 2012
Kenneth James DANNAB30 May 2012
Raymond Cyril PARMENTERPrivate9 June 2012
Edrick William HONSONWO1 July 2012
John Ian EVANSLAC3 July 2012
Wallace Harold BEACROFTCorporal5 August 2012
Robert Henry CLAYTONLAC24 August 2012
William Kerr DUNCANPrivate19 September 2012
David John DOBELLSapper13 February 2013
Keith DOUGLASAB23 March 2013
Henry Aquin WAIDECorporal26 March 2013


NameRankDate of Passing
Allen MEAR4 July 2011
John BROWNLEEPrivate1 August 2011
Cecil DURBINCorporal30 August 2011
Bob Leonard PRIORPrivate30 August 2011
Lloyd (Roy) GALBRAITHPrivate16 September 2011
Charles Francis REYNOLDSLE/Mech22 September 2011
Norman Lochrin McKINNONSIG22 September 2011
Francis Leo CLANCYPrivate22 December 2011
John Edward GRAHAMPrivate24 December 2011
Thomas JOHNSONSapper4 January 2012
Oscar Edward GARLANDSIG5 January 2012
Jack HAWKINSPrivate6 January 2012