Cardiff sub-Branch


Cardiff sub-Branch

Returned and Services
League of Australia

45 Macquarie Road, Cardiff NSW 2285
Telephone: (02) 4953 7770

Office hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays
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Members who have passed since ANZAC Day 2022.


NameRankDate of Passing
Neville George HAYSTrooper28 April 2022
Noel BUCKMANEngine Room Artificer30 April 2022
George Pearson MILNEAble Seaman12 June 2022
Walter Thomas SEARLESWarrant Officer12 June 2022
Oscar Edward WESTBURYPrivate30 June 2022
Vittorio CATTANEOItalian Resistance13 July 2022
Niels Stanley PETERSENLeading Aircraftman28 July 2022
Valerie Everlyn GRAYAuxiliary28 July 2022
Graham Thomas BARNETTWarrant Officer26 August 2022
Brian Cameron KNEETelegraphist31 August 2022
Peter John BURNSPetty Officer13 September 2022
Keith William TINSONCook17 September 2022
David HUNTERPrivate12 November 2022